5 Things To Look For Children’s Breakfast

Sunday, August 30, 2015

5 Things To Look For Children’s Breakfast

There are five nutrient content, which turns required in the healthy breakfast to support the child's growth and development as well as daily activities.

1. More protein

Practical breakfast, which can be made in a few minutes, just like fried rice or fried noodles, protein turned out to be poor. In fact, at breakfast child must consume enough protein, so if calculated from the daily needs the protein needs of children 4-6 years old is 35 grams of protein per day and children aged 7-9 years is 49 grams per day, then at breakfast the child should consume a minimum of one egg or a piece of chicken.

Although it sounds impossible for children to consume a portion of protein at breakfast, we could outsmart by dividing in some foods and beverages. For example, children have enough to eat half the eggs, but it must be coupled with one piece of fried tempeh or tofu. Proteins are essential consumed at breakfast to improve children's concentration while studying.

2. High iron content

Some foods high in iron such as green vegetables or meat to be prepared and become homework to persuade the child finished their breakfast. Currently this time, I was looking for other foods that are not less nutritional content of the food than the two materials. I found other foods that are rich in iron and it enables served at breakfast, namely:
  • Tomatoes (2 mg / 100 g)

Freshness never fails when I prepared into tomato juice. Besides the juice, I also make it a grilled tomato with sautéed-minced meat content, practical and healthy breakfast.
  • Potatoes (4 mg / 100 g)

One source of carbohydrates that fall into the category easily processed at healthy breakfast was also a favorite of mine. Besides fried, boiled or baked with a topping of cheese on it makes children eager to spend it.
  • Soybeans (6.5 mg / 75 g)

Nuts were also a source of iron is high enough content. In food and drinks I have prepared in the form of soymilk, tempeh or tofu.

3. Meet the needs of fiber

Nutrients that are not less important at breakfast and often I miss are the fiber. Whereas consume at least 5 servings per day of fiber is essential for maintaining digestive health of children. Food materials contain lots of fiber is indeed found in fruits and vegetables. However, to persuade children to spend one serving of fruits and vegetables at breakfast would be a drama of its own. You can prepare food sources of fiber into foods can be consumed at the same time with other food sources. For example making vegetable nuggets, broccoli or fried egg contents. But sometimes I also offer a piece of fruit or fruit juice without sugar as a substitute for milk at breakfast.

4. Add a source of magnesium

It turns out one of these minerals are very important for maintaining the health of muscles and nerves child. Magnesium needs children are also hardly a bit, which is about 95-120 mg per day. Some food sources of magnesium include bananas, almonds, spinach, soybeans, oatmeal, wheat bread and raisins. If you see this kind of food materials would not be too difficult to put into the healthy breakfast menu. Mix and match with other food ingredients can make food sources of magnesium into the child's belly.

5. Colourful in the plate 

Not only those children are interested in breakfast, colourful food on the plate also shows the wealth of nutrients that will be obtained by a child. For each color contained foodstuff provides different nutrients. Wherever possible, you may provide at least 3 types of color in a child's plate. You can make a healthy breakfast of peas fried rice and carrots, broccoli omelet contents, the yellow fry tofu and a glass of milk as an example.  This method is the easiest way to meet all nutritional needs children at breakfast, hope it's useful. Read another similar topics at whole foods formula


A debt of gratitude is in order of sharing such a healthy and nutritious suggestion for feeding children breakfast.

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